In today's complex lending atmosphere, lenders of all kinds must balance prudent decision making in an ever competitive market. With this, the role of environmental due-diligence is not just practical - it is required. The newest government guidelines instruct lenders to take a more "tiered" approach to environmental due-diligence. This has created an emerging need for low-level due-diligence on low risk and even small balance loans. Environmental Risk Analysis, LLC. recognized this emerging need in the lending industry and sought to provide the service that lenders require.

Environmental Risk Analysis, LLC. was designed in response to a need within the lending industry:  the need for low-level environmental due-diligence for lenders of all kinds.  To that end, our goal was not to simply provide something “cost-appealing”.  We sought to provide lenders with a usable, reliable and accurate means to assess environmental risk – outlined in layman’s terms. Recognizing that there is no substitute for an actual “pair of eyes” reviewing your property, every Environmental Professional Risk Review is evaluated by experienced and qualified Environmental Professionals (EP) who provide concise and relevant explanations for their answers.  Our EP’s have performed thousands of Phase I’s, Transaction Screens, site walk-throughs, as well as, many other environmental investigations.  Now YOU have access to their knowledge and experience.  Now YOU can have a simplified answer that takes the guess-work out of environmental due-diligence.

Environmental Risk Analysis, LLC is different because we do not simply rely on the data we review – we rely on the experience we’ve developed through years in the environmental field.  We are engineers, scientists and geologists who will provide succinct answers for low-level due-diligence only. Our specialty is providing a snap-shot of a property from an environmental risk standpoint. It assigns a Low, Medium or High environmental risk level based on federal, state and local environmental records. These are the same records utilized by consultants in Phase I Environmental Assessments. Utilizing our service lenders receive exactly what they need: a reliable and cost-effective lending solution to environmental due-diligence. Our service is better because of our expertise and our commitment to quality.

    1. Accuracy of data
    2. Ability to meet due-diligence standards
    3. Cost effectiveness
    4. Turn around time

    Because it is the perfect choice to meet the current SBA and FDIC guidelines as an initial screen for environmental risk. Plus, it can provide low-level environmental due-diligence on low-risk commercial loans when a full Phase I is neither practical nor necessary. Furthermore, the Environmental Professional Review quick turn-around time affords lenders with a cost-effective means to examine any property early in the lending process.

    Unlike other companies that use algorithms to determine environmental risk, every Environmental Professional Review is reviewed by a qualified Environmental Professional (EP) who personally summarizes the report findings in layman’s terms and assigns the appropriate risk level. Our EPs can interpret the nuances of environmental risk that other companies miss!

    Anywhere in the United States.
  • WHEN will I receive my ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS once I order it?

    Reports are provided within three to four business days.
  • HOW can I order ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS and how much does it cost?

    Our reviews are low-cost and fully insured. No account setup is necessary and orders can be placed through this site (ORDER REVIEWS). The EP Risk Review includes a client specific questionnaire, a complete database search report, an abstract of the report findings, suggested action or inaction and the appropriate risk level determination.
  • WHAT other products can ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ANALYSIS, LLC. offer me?

    We offer a number of products to fit your particular needs and budget. See all of Environmental Risk Analysis, LLC. products on the page and call for specific needs

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